Bioengineering Research and Application Center

The aim of the center, a Hacettepe University unit, is to conduct universal application and research studies and educational activities in the required fields by the public and private institutions including the universities in order to contribute to the effective development of bioengineering, an inter-disciplinary department, in Turkey in a way that it does in the developed countries in cooperation with the Bioengineering Department of the Grauate School of Science of the university and the relevant departments of other Faculties and Grauate and Applied Schools.

Areas of activity

The center conducts the following activities in order to fullfil the above-mentioned aim.

a) Meeting the scientists and specialists from different disciplines who conduct studies regarding bioengineering, Enabling the creation, maintenance and broadcast of national and international research and development projects in which the industry and other academic institutes participate,

b) Arranging national and international scientific meetings such as seminars, conferences, congresses and symposiums and educational activities regarding bioengineering,

c) Cooperating with national and foreign institutions and bodies regarding bioengineering,

d) Supporting the production, research and development activities of relevant industries and offering consultation services,

e) Conducting other activities determined by the Board of Directors.


Prof.Dr. Erhan Bişkin
Biyomühendislik Uygulama ve Araştırma Merkezi
Kimya Mühendisliği Bölümü, Beytepe, 06800 Ankara
Phone: +90 312 2977473

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