World-Class Research University
Research Management

Hacettepe University, which was established with the law no. 892 dated July 8, 1967, continues to contribute to social development and universal values in the fields of education, science, technology, and art with 16 faculties, 15 institutes, 4 vocational schools, 2 colleges, 1 conservatory, 90+ research and application centers, 300+ thematic research laboratories, 5 hospitals, technology development zone and technology transfer center, as one of the leading universities of our country today (Figure 1).

Figure 1. Basic dimensions of teaching, research, health services and technology transfer functions at Hacettepe University

Hacettepe University research ecosystem and stakeholders are shown in Figure 2. Research at our university has a broad spectrum and multidisciplinary structure, covering the fields of medicine-health, science-engineering and social-humanities as well as fine arts, music and performing arts. The research ecosystem contributes to the development of university-industry cooperation opportunities by transferring the outputs obtained from basic and applied research projects carried out in research laboratories to sectors related to knowledge-technology transfer mechanisms, and transforming them into industrial services for the needs of different sectors. In addition, the research outputs are transformed into social contributions by constantly improving the health services offered in our hospitals.

Figure 2. Research ecosystem and related units at Hacettepe University

Research is managed through a tandem process consisting of (i) Project Development, (ii) Project Realization, (iii) Project Outcomes Evaluation layers with policy development, planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation sub-components under the responsibility of a Vice-Chancellor (Figure 3). The important objectives of this process are developing research policies, determining research goals and priorities, evaluating cooperation opportunities, diversifying project supports, planning financial resources, and managing university rankings.

Figure 3. Management of research processes (project development, project realization and project output evaluation) at Hacettepe University