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International / Exchange Programs

Hacettepe University has a strong international exchange and cooperation program. Our university has many bilateral cooperation agreements involving education and staff mobility within the scope of Erasmus Program+. In addition, cooperation with many universities has been developed within the scope of the  Mevlâna Exchange.

The European Union Coordination Office continues its activities in the status of Coordinator with the decision of the Board of Directors in 2014 in order to carry out European Union Education and Youth Programs.

In the new program, where cooperation is at the forefront for the sharing and change of innovation and good practices, the mobility of individuals, the development of cooperation with the business world, and the establishment of partnerships for employment are prioritized. With the Erasmus+ Program, the content of the programs has been expanded and many countries from different continents have been included in the scope of cooperation with the status of partner countries other than EU member states.

Hacettepe Universityis one of the most effective higher education institutions that use the support provided within the scope of Erasmus+ Program. All kinds of support are offered to our students and staff in order to make the most of the mobility opportunities offered to our country.